Control software for AOR AR-8200 / AR-8600

RCA 8200 - The software for controlling and managing the AR 8200 and AR 8600

Designed for Windows XP (TM).

In some cases, you may experience problems with Windows Vista and Windows 7 and higher. Note on an alternative solution can be found here (Virtual Maschine, Virtual PC). For Windows Vista and Windows 7 (and higher): please test this software before purchase...

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RCA stands for Remote Control AOR and is a control software that makes it possible to use the extensive functions of the radio scanner in a simple manner via the COM interface (interface cable required). Frequencies of the radio scanner and additionally stored frequencies are optimally managed with the database system of RCA 8200. Due to this data base system, as well as import and export functions, far more than just the 1000 memory channels of the radio scanner can be managed and adopted.

  • Designed for Windows XP (and later versions: see note above)
  • German or English user interface
  • Control of the radio scanner via PC
  • Configuration via PC
  • Audio recording with SCAN or SEARCH
  • Management and data transfer of all dynamic memory banks
  • Direct transfer of a frequency from database to VFO
  • Dynamic memory resizing for optimum use of memory channels
  • Pick up lots of frequencies in Quick-Memory from RCA-8200 including notes
  • Administration and data exchange of the SEARCH parameter at, AT
  • Import and export of frequencies
  • FREE SEARCH including the automatic detection of the frequencies found
  • Delete entire memory banks in one slide
  • Management of the application areas for memory channels
  • Administration PASS CHANNEL * Administration FREQUENCY OFFSET
  • Management of IDs & Codes

and many features more...



Almost all functions of the AOR 8200 MK3 radioscanner (downwards compatible with MK2 and MK1) can be directly controlled via the software.

There are no complicated and expensive operations on the device.

The management of the 20 dynamic memory banks with 1000 channels, own frequency favorites can create and extend the user. The software contains 'Dynamic Memory Resizing' so that the memory banks can be optimally used. Export as well as import of the memory channels is possible.

Configurations for the Radioscanner are possible via the software and thus no operation is necessary on the device!

Results from SEARCH / SCAN during an active search are logged and found frequencies can be transferred directly into the databases.

The audio recorder in RCA-8200 records a portion of the radio traffic into an audio file when a frequency is active.

Free support by email as well as downloads of free updates due to the continuous further developments inclusive!


When frequencies are scanned or observed, the RCA-8200 can store a speech record of radio traffic during activity.

In doing so, breaks (with rest or no activity) are not recorded, but only the actual activities on the frequency. This results in an audio file per frequency without unnecessary breaks ...

Audio-Recorder Frequenz

Application example AUDIO-REC

(Observation of a frequency)

Memory Bank Resizing

The memory banks are assigned as a "pair" (a / A, b / B etc. to j / J) with a total of 100 memory channels per bank in the radio scanner. First, in equal parts (a: 50 A: 50) between the respective names in upper and lower case letters. For example, memory bank "a" has 50 channels, numbered from 00 to 49 (a00 - a49), and memory bank "A" also has 50 channels, numbered from 00 to 49 (A00 - A49). It is possible to redistribute the 100 channels in blocks of 10 channels of a memory bank (pairwise).

The following memory distributions are possible: 50/50 (default), 60/40, 70/30, 80/20, 90/10, or 10/90, 20/80, 30/70, 40/60. This "dynamic" storage redistribution can be useful, for example, to monitor a small collection of frequencies without wasting valuable storage space unnecessarily.


The AR8200 and AR8600 are equipped with a flexible BAND SCOPE. This function allows a graphical representation of the band activity in the display of the radio scanner. The maximum frequency range is 10 MHz. The minimum frequency range is 100 kHz.

The software provides a more streamlined band activity, and also allows you to instantly pass a frequency within the graph to the VFO to check the frequency. In addition, the modulation type can be selected.

Frequency offset (duplex)

ID 00 sets OFFSET to OFF.
Indices 20-47 are reserved for AUTOmode. ID 01 - 19 are freely configurable, eg for spec. Locations.


The FREE SEARCH function in RCA-8200 can search more than just occupied frequencies. If occupied frequencies are found, they are stored. Frequencies can be passed directly into the VFO or immediately 'overheard'.


S-meter to align the antenna


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